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Garage Door Confusion

What type of door do you imagine when you think of a "garage door"?

If you are like most people, then you think of a garage door as the large door that a car or small truck can pass through to enter or exit from a garage.

However, some people call the other two smaller doors in the garage also as garage doors. Specifically, the small door for people to enter the house from the garage and the other small door to exit the garage to the outside of the house.

To clarify what type of garage door that people are talking about, I have given each door a new unique name.

First, the "car garage door" is the large exterior door for cars to pass through. This door can also be called the "garage door", since that is what most people call it.

Second, the "house garage door" is the smaller interior door for only people to enter and exit the house to and from the garage.
>BR> Third and finally, the "side garage door" is the smaller exterior door for only people to exit or enter the garage to/from the outside or side of the house. Commonly used when throwing out the trash.

If everyone can start calling these garage doors as different names such as I do, then there would be slightly less confusion in the world.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/14/2010

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