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Gay Marriages

I just read on that Americans are more concerned with gay marriages than the environment. I am truly amazed that people are more concerned about a social issue that they are most likely not directly affected by, than a serious issue that affects every single living thing on the planet.

Unless this poll was skewed somehow, I am seriously dismayed at the priorities of the human race. Heck, I am flabbergasted with the stupidity of the American population.

As a result, I would like to logically address the issue of gay marriage, so that Americans can be more concerned with much more important matters. Therefore, I did some investigating on gay marriages, and here are the main four reasons that people are against same-sex marriages: religion, social, tradition, and divorce rates.

The first reason is religion. Some faiths believe gay marriages are a sin and therefore morally wrong. The laws supporting the separation of church and state allow this religious reason to not have any foundations in the secular and legal world. Furthermore, not everyone in the United States shares the same belief concerning gay marriages either; therefore it is morally wrong to legally ban same-sex marriages for everyone. Of course, each religion can still choose to deny same-sex marriages within their congregations.

The social reason against gay marriages is because marriages are the creation of families that produce children. And since having children is the fundamental building blocks of civilization and same-sex marriages do not produce any children, this pseudo-logic dictates that gay marriages interrupt the natural continuation of new generations. By using this same pseudo-logic, sterile individuals (such as post-menopausal women) or couples that do not want children should not marry, since no children would most likely be the result of such marriages. Does that mean married couples without children should have their marriages annulled? Or will allowing gay marriages destroy or harm civilization? Of course not! Therefore, allowing marriages only based on the possibility of creating children is not socially logical.

Another social reason would be that raising children in a same-sex family would either be detrimental to those children or would make their children homosexual too. If a single parent can successfully raise children, then two parents of the same sex would have an even greater chance of successfully raising children. Furthermore, there is no scientific proof that gay couples increase the probability of homosexuality in their children, just like heterosexual parents do not guarantee straight children either.

The third argument against same-sex marriages is tradition. In most parts of the world, only different-sex marriages are historically accepted, however mankindís history is littered with examples of tolerance concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriages. Furthermore, traditions against inter-racial marriages, wives are the property of their husbands, and divorces have changed throughout the years. So, why canít the tradition against gay marriages change too? I don't think I need to further prove that tradition is not a logical reason either.

The fourth reason is divorce rates. It is often incorrectly believed that same-sex couples are more liberal and therefore have a higher divorce rate. Oddly, this is statistically the opposite of the truth. I donít think anyone fully understands why this is true; but we can not argue the statistics that liberals have a lower divorce rate than conservatives, and gay marriages have an even lower divorce rate than liberals. I suspect that this has something to do with liberals being more tolerate of others and their mistakes, but who really knows?

In conclusion, each of the four main reasons against gay marriages has been proven to be illogical. Of course, individuals can always cling to their beliefs despite logic. Keep in mind that sexual preferences are not controllable, and there are much more important issues in the world, such as universal medical insurance, Social Security, and the environment. So please, stop worrying over what other people are doing and believe, and start worrying about the greater good for mankind.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/30/2007

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