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Git Status

A quick and easy way to determine if you have any files that are not committed using this command:

git status

If you did not make any changes to your local repository, then this "git status" command will state that there is nothing to commit.

Otherwise, this "git status" command will list new files that have never been committed as untracked files. This command will list modified files that were not added yet as not staged for commit. And this command will list modified files that have been already added as changes ready to be committed.

This "git status" command will also alert you if there are locally committed changes that have not been pushed or uploaded to the remote repository yet. However, this command will not tell you if there are changes on the remote repository that you have not pulled or downloaded yet to your local repository.

Finally, this command will not display any files that were listed in the repository’s Git ignore (".gitignore") configuration file.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/06/2012

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