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Global Warming is Ruining the Earth

There is no longer a debate whether global warming is an actuality, because the evidence is overwhelming that the Earth is in serious danger. It can be helpful to fully understand what we’re dealing with before decrying the politicians for slacking on this gravely important issue. If anyone still doubts the seriousness of this matter then they’re clearly just casting a blind eye to the issue. Hopefully this list of what is actually occurring will open these eyes. Without further ado, here’s a sketch of the way the world has changed so dramatically:

  • The average temperature has risen 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880. Research performed by NASA indicates that much of this damage has occurred in recent decades. Eleven of the past twelve years have been among the hottest dozen years since 1850.
  • The Arctic is feeling the rising temperatures more than anywhere else on Earth. Average temperatures in eastern Russia, Alaska, and Western Canada have increased twice the global average. Accordingly, the Arctic ice is in danger. Some reports predict that as early as 2040, the Arctic may experience its first ice-free summer.
  • Glaciers are melting at an alarmingly fast rate. Montana’s Glacier National Park now only has 27 glaciers compared to 150 in 1910. When the glaciers begin to melt, sea levels rise which can spell trouble for people living close to the coast that rely on fresh water runoff for their water source. Sea levels are expected to rise as much as 23 inches by the close of the century. Conservative estimates state that a rise in sea level by as little as four inches could lead to intense flooding in Southeast Asia and the islands in the Carribean.
  • The rise in extreme weather events has been linked to global warming. There has been a steady increase in tropical storms, wildfires, and heat waves. Most experts agree that these events are linked to rising temperatures.
  • Carbon dioxide is being poured into the atmosphere at a rate that is too fast for the plants and oceans to absorb it.
  • The extra greenhouse gases that are in the atmosphere trap in heat closer to the Earth’s surface. Some of these gases include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane.
  • Many species around the world are in danger when their environments are severely altered. More than one million species are in danger if these changes persist.

by Heather Johnson
on 06/03/2008


This article is contributed by Heather Johnson, who regularly writes on the topic of balance transfer credit cards. She invites your questions and writing job opportunities at her personal email address: heatherjohnson2323 at gmail dot com.

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