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The Effects of Globalization on the United States of America

American companies have migrated most of their manufacturing jobs to foreign countries where it is cheaper to do business. Furthermore, service and technical jobs are currently undergoing a large exodus to foreign labor too. This is now called outsourcing and offshoring.

Supposedly, this "frees up" Americans to be innovators, designers, and realizers of new technologies and concepts. I am not convinced when several of my friends and a family member have been out of work for such a long time. These jobs are also being done by qualified professionals in other countries.

President George W. Bush says to overcome these lost jobs, Americans will get better education. But even higher education, jobs such as medicine and research and development are successfully being done in other countries. In greater numbers, Americans with college degrees are unable to find work, while the same degrees in other countries are in demand.

Even the education in the United States is regressing too. For example, intelligent design is being taught in some schools as biology even though it is not even a scientific theory. Evolution is literally being labeled as just another theory (stickers are placed in school textbooks), even though hundreds of scientific and medical fields are based upon evolution. How do you think antibiotics are becoming less effective? It is because bacteria are adapting into stronger and more dangerous diseases!

Furthermore, President Bush is holding back stem cell research in the United States of America by preventing federal funding for stem cell lines. This has only pushed those companies willing to do this type of research to do it in other countries, thus handing the United States a major setback in medical research.

We should not be against globalization, but the United States of America is seriously and increasingly falling behind when competing economically in the global market. Something needs to be done before more Americans leave for better opportunities in foreign lands and before the American economy permanently stagnates. Look to Europe's bleak economy where very little is made, designed, or invented to see America's future.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/28/2006

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