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Go To Bed Earlier

Several of my friends say that "sleep is over-rated," however I could not disagree more.

The only advantage with sleeping less, that my friends give, is that they accomplish a lot more when the rest of their family is asleep. However, they almost always look very tired and have serious weight problems.

My philosophy in life is to go to bed earlier. This allows me to get way more sleep (even though I only sleep about 7 hours per night) and ease into my mornings. For instance, I can actually enjoy reading the news in the morning, checking my email, eating breakfast, and exercising.

Instead, I no longer have to frantically take a shower, get dressed quickly, and grab a granola bar for breakfast. I no longer have to drive over the speed limit to try to get to work on time... which I almost never accomplished.

As a result, my stress levels are way down. I feel much more relaxed, and I feel at one with myself for the entire day. I even think that I get more things done throughout the day, since I am no longer groggy. I can literally stop and smell the roses if I wanted to and not feel guilty or hurried.

I think this means that I am much more of a responsible adult than before.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/07/2009

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