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Google's Problem

Even though Google has the coolness of Apple Inc., the worldwide following of MicroSoft, and the quality of Toyota, Google has at least one major problem. Yes, I said it. Even Google has a problem.

Google's websites are not consistent. Their websites do not follow the same standardizations. Their websites do not follow the same template either. It is bad enough having to learn and remember how to navigate one website from another; but when different websites are owned by the same company, it shows a lack of care and respect to their customers.

For instance, anyone can configure Google's Gmail website to remember their user name and password. However, Google's Analytics website will only remember a person's user name. Furthermore, Google's AdSense website will not remember either the user name or password. Maybe this is an additional security feature. If so, then I personally think email should be just as secure as their other websites. Whatever Google's reasoning, the difference between Google's websites is aggravating at times.

Here is my unsolicited advice to Google: Please be consistently convenient to your customers.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/05/2008

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