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Greeting Cards are a Rip-Off

I know I am only stating the obvious when I say that greeting cards are a rip-off.

For anywhere between one to six dollars, anyone can purchase an envelope and a piece of paper (or some type of stiff cardboard paper) with pretty pictures and some nice sayings on them. In fact, a single regular blank envelope and sheet of paper only cost a few cents at most. Furthermore, greeting cards that are sent online are typically free.

So why do a lot of people still purchase greeting cards? The answer is because it is nice looking, convenient, and does not require much effort in creativity. However with the worldwide recession, it is now time to reconsider purchasing greeting cards. They are a luxury item that everyone can do without. Instead, try creating your our cards. I think you will find that most people will appreciate them more.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/24/2008

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