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Grow, Plateau, and Go

On the last day on the job, a departing friend at work told me to "Grow, Plateau, and Go". I found this rhyming advice extremely catchy and very wise, because it is very timely for me personally.

First, let me explain what I think he meant by "Grow, Plateau, and Go", and then Iíll explain why it relates to me so much.

When someone first starts a task, in this case a job, there is a very steep learning curve when that person must grow both their education and capabilities. This can be a very stressful time, yet personally rewarding when successfully accomplishing new tasks.

After a period of time, this task will become repetitive with a substantial decrease in skills being learned. Eventually, no new skills will be learned while accomplishing every aspect of the task. This is the time or plateau when a person is most productive and when their skills of the task are perfected. This is typically the most fulfilling time when doing the task.

As time continues on, the task will become too repetitive and tiresome. This is the time when the person should move on or go to another task.

This "Grow, Plateau, and Go" is a perfectly natural cycle of most jobs too. For instance, I am personally in the last stages of this sequence. I have been an expert in my career for quite some time, and there is no more growth available to me. Furthermore, the job has lost all excitement and interest for me, so I believe now is time for me to go find another job. I actually think that I've stayed too long in my current position and that is why "Grow, Plateau, and Go" has so much meaning for me right now, because I did not follow this advice soon enough.

But that is enough about me. So, where are you in this natural cycle of events?

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/17/2008

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