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Handling Complaints

Almost everyday, we hear people complaining (especially with sarcasm) about something or another. I diligently try to turn these complaints into opportunities for action.

Recently one of my co-workers complained about a stale cookie from the cafeteria. I told him to get up and tell the cafeteria workers. Perhaps the cafeteria workers would have checked to ensure the freshness of the cookies and perhaps replace them with fresher cookies. What did my co-worker do? He laughed and proceeded to finish eating the stale cookie. I guess not everyone is ready and willing to take action, but maybe seeding an idea to someone would have a greater chance of influencing the person the next time.

The next time you hear a complaint, try convincing the person to do something about it.

For example, if someone complains about politics, ask that person to contact those politicians about the issue in question. Or if more courageous, ask the person to think about entering into politics and make the world a better place from within the government.

Or if someone has a more general complaint, then ask them to write and publish an article. They can even send us their articles for us to publish on the Internet. Heck, let us know your results with this tactic.

We need to get people to take actions instead of just complaining. This will help individuals to take personal responsibility for society's issues no matter how small or large. Never assume someone else will take care of an issue for us, or the issue is just too big for us to tackle. Having even a small impact makes us responsible citizens of the world. Only working together can we accomplish great feats.

Just remember: Complaining is good, as long as we act upon it.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/23/2006

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