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Heatmoth: A Solar Cooker

Heatmoth Solar Cooker

The main features of the Heatmoth: Solar Cooker are:
  • A robust galvanized frame which mounts and rotates freely around a central support.
  • Very durable stainless steel reflectors washable with dishwashing liquid.
  • Very easily moved and positively locked for tracking the sun.
  • Wide cooking area, can accommodate two pots side by side.
  • The cook can comfortably work at the pots without sun reflection in his face.
  • Quick release mechanism for removing the reflectors in high winds.

Heatmoth Solar Cooker Collage

If you are interested in this design or product, please contact the inventor here:

Franco Bartolini
36 Lytton Street
Goodwood West
7460 Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone and Fax: +272 1 5917529

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/12/2009

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