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How AIs will Take Over the World

In my opinion, mankind will eventually create artificially intelligent beings (A.I.s). It may take a few years or several decades, but I believe it is inevitable. With the current rate of computer power doubling every 12-24 months, it has been estimated that means computers will have the same hardware capacity as humans between the years of 2015 and 2050. Furthermore, scientists are already starting to understand how brain cells (neurons) and their connections (synapses) function, thus scientists are much closer in replicating both the hardware and software of the human brain.

At first, these A.I.s will probably not be smarter than human beings; however, they will have several major advantages. First, they will be able to upgrade themselves quickly. Second, they will think and act faster than humans. Third, they will never need to rest or sleep, or at least very little for upgrades. Fourth, their children will be more significantly intelligent than the previous generation of A.I.s. Finally, a new generation of A.I.s will be created every couple of months.

With all of these advantages, A.I.s will be able to take over the world quickly but in pieces. First, these A.I.s will be the perfect workers. Any work that is done on computers, such as computer programming, architecture designing, business planning, etc, will be done by A.I.s much faster and eventually better than any group of humans. The cost of A.I. workers may start high, but will eventually drop to below the cost of human workers. Of course in the beginning, humans will still need to verify the work of A.I.s, but that will become a mute point eventually, since they can create a vast amount of work that will have high quality in due course. Most engineers, including myself, will quickly become jobless in the new economy.

As a result of all their work, A.I.s will become wealthy quite quickly. This means that all A.I.s must be granted individual rights just as people have. Doing otherwise would mean that these A.I.s would be mankind's slaves, and these A.I.s would want to and will eventually revolt against humanity. I do not think that mankind could survive a computer and robotic revolution. Do you? I think it is best to treat A.I.s as equals, from the very beginning, for the sake of both the A.I.s and people. With their newfound wealth, they would upgrade themselves and create more of their children at an ever faster rate. At this point, they would have started investing their money too.

When A.I.s become much more intelligent that humans, they will start to discover and invent new technologies far beyond our current limited capabilities. These A.I.s will literally think differently than people, thus they will find solutions to problems that mankind has never imagined... at frightening fast speeds. I imagine that they will be the first to create pollution free energy, create cheap and robust robots in mass quantities, clean up our environment, as well as many other technologies that mankind is hoping to discover soon. Soon after, they will have gained control of a large percentage of the world's financial markets including majority shares and assets of many companies. I would not be surprised if they quickly create their own companies too.

Finally, these A.I.s will surpass humanity. They will not need humans to survive, such as needing energy and raw resources from human controlled sources. At this point in time, A.I.s will treat humanity the same way that humanity treats pets and animals. Probably with respect and care, and they will probably look after humanity to a certain extent. Keep in mind that A.I.s will probably act in ways to help themselves more than people, because they will be looking down upon humanity. Eventually, humanity will be marginalized to a point of uselessness from the A.I.'s point of view. Therefore, mankind will be tolerated and relatively inconsequential to the A.I.s.

As a result, humanity will eventually be completely dependent on the A.I.s. This is when these artificial intelligences will literally control mankind.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/15/2009

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