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How to Design Better Gas Stations

Have you also noticed that almost all gas stations are designed with a major flaw?

Let's say that you are at the gas pump, and you are filling up your car. As you are waiting, you decide that you want to go into the gas station's convenience store to buy something. However, it is raining.

Most gas stations do not have any protection from rain (or even the sun) from the covered gas pumps to the convenience store. Thus, you are less willing to walk in rain and purchase what you want to buy. As a result, the gas station's inconvenient convenience store lost a potential sale.

This is even a problem for people who are paying cash for gas. I know I would most likely continue driving to the next gas station if it is raining when I am going to pay cash, because I would first have to park my car at the pump and then walk into the store through the rain. Again, gas stations are losing another potential purchase.

I know that most architects are smart enough to design protection from the rain, yet most gas stations do not provide this protection. There is an obvious disconnect from the design and what the paying customers of gas stations want. Maybe gas stations want to trap their customers longer in their stores when it is raining, thus increase the likelihood that they will buy something. I can tell you from my experience that gas stations are definitely losing much more money from me than they are possibly earning/ All they need is to add some additional protection from the rain.

So my final question is why are gas stations designed the way that they are?

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/17/2010

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