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How to Make Refrigerators and Freezers Easier to Access

Have you noticed that refrigerators and freezers have become bigger? As a result, have you also noticed that refrigerators and freezers are becoming more difficult to use? For instance since refrigerators and freezers are taller, it has become more difficult of reach for items on the top shelves especially in the far back? I would imagine this is especially a problem for shorter people, such as children.

Here are my recommended solutions for this problem.

First, for refrigerators that have two French (side by side) doors on the top and a freezer door (or large sliding tray) on the bottom, step stools can be easily integrated onto the outside of the freezer doors. These step stools can even fold out of the freezer doors and could be flush to the doors when in the closed position, where it is hidden, saves precious space, and not in the way when not in use. Furthermore, these step stools can be folded in and out either manually or automatically by a push of a button.

Second, these step stool design additions can also be added to two door refrigerators with the freezer on top with the integrated step stools as part of the lower refrigerator door instead. There can even be two step stools per refrigerator with one on the outside and one on the inside, so that you can always reach even if the bottom door is open or closed.

Third and finally, for refrigerators that have only two doors that are side by side (typically the freezer is located on the left side and the refrigerator is located on the right side), there is a simple solution too. Since these doors span the entire height of these types of refrigerators, these step stools will need to be on the inside of these units. Preferably, these step stools automatically open into stepping position by themselves when the door(s) are opened. And these steps are automatically closed when the doors are closed too. These steps can be either automatic by either electronic or hydraulic motor (with or without activation from a push of a button) or physically fall open in the use position when the door is opened and snap shut when the door is closed. These interior steps should not block or limit access to the lower shelves or sliding trays in the refrigerators or freezers.

In conclusion, adding step stools to the bottom of refrigerators and freezers will allow easier access to items in the freezers and refrigerators.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/04/2009

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