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How to Improve Democracies

There are two fundamental problems with all democracies. First, politicians make promises to get into office, yet seldom follow through with their promises. Often, these promises even contradict the past policies of these politicians. Second, most voters elect officials based on the political party and not based on the politicians’ past actions or promised policies.

As a result, I would like to recommend this solution.

On election ballots, along with the candidates’ names and the candidates’ political parties, also include a list of past political policies and accomplishments (if ever in office before) and any new promises made by each candidate. This list of information MUST only be a list of provable facts and MUST be written by a non-partisan group, so that they do not favor one politician more than any other politician.

Maybe also include on election ballots a short text box, such as 500 characters or fewer, that each politician can write about themselves and their promises if elected into office.

With this new system, politicians that lie would stand out on the ballots by comparing their past actions with their promises. And politicians that are corrupt or favor big businesses would be more obvious too.

I suspect this new system would see far few incumbents in office.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/08/2010

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