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How to Improve Flashlights

Now that flashlights are made with LEDs and are very small, their form factor needs to be revisited. In my opinion, the problem with flashlights is that you have to hold them to use them, thus you have one less hand free to do stuff.

My solution is simply attach a clip or strap to the flashlights. A clip can be used to attach a small flashlight to a person's belt, hat, clothes, or shoes. Otherwise, a strap can be used to attach flashlights to wrists, grocery bags, or even the end of a firearm. I believe guns already have this idea implemented, but I think it is now time for this feature to be available to everyone.

So if you are a flashlight manufacturer, I hope you can use this simple idea as a easy way to improve flashlights and stand out in the market place.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/17/2011

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