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How to Make Car Bumpers Safer

How often do we drive by a car accident and notice one of the cars in the accident has been severely damaged while the other car in the accident appears mostly undamaged in comparison?

I noticed this is typically caused by the bumpers of both cars being of totally different heights. For instance, if a small car (such as a Mazda Miata) gets into an accident with a larger vehicle (such as the Ford Expedition SUV), then the smaller car would get much more damage. Especially if the smaller car gets crushed underneath the larger vehicle, or the vehicle with the higher and larger bumper will have its' bumper impacting the front end of the vehicle with the lower and smaller bumper.

Therefore, would it not be better if all vehicles had bumpers at the same height from the ground no matter how small or large the vehicle?

Also keep in mind that when a vehicle slows down extremely quickly, the front end of the vehicle will probably lower significantly and temporarily, and the back end of the vehicle would rise significantly too. So, even if all vehicles have bumpers at the same height from the ground, we could still have accidents where one vehicles gets much more damage than the other vehicle, because car bumpers can change how high it is a split moment before an accident.

This problem can be resolved if bumpers are not only the same height from the ground, but also if each bumper is very tall to cover a wider range of protection. This may make some vehicles less attractive but would make vehicles much safer.

I understand that this will cause additional effort in new vehicle designs, and the attractiveness and practically will create additional discussions. However the bottom line remains the same, we should continue to drive car makers to think in terms of safety. So, please contact car makers (such as GM, Toyota, Ford, Madza, etc.) and ask them to build safer cars. You can also contact the Unitied States Department of Transportation who has greatly influence car manufacturers.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/23/2006

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