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How to Make Credit Cards even MORE Secure and More Widely Accepted

For decades, Europeans have had credit cards with embedded chips that allow personal identification numbers or "pin" codes to be entered for additional security. However, the United States has not adopted this proven technology for their credit cards, yet American debit cards do have this added security precaution.

At American gas stations, computerized gas pumps ask credit card users to enter their zip codes (local address number) for added security; however if a thief steals the wallet of a credit card owner with a credit card in it, then the thief could easily find the zip code on the credit card ownerís driver license. Therefore, zip codes are not very effective sources of security especially when compared to pins codes.

Maybe Americans do not care as much, since their credit card purchases are automatically insured. It is the responsibility of the credit card companies and merchants if fraudulent purchases are made on any credit card. Consumers bear no responsibility whatsoever. If credit cards were more secure with pin numbers, then the credit card companies could reduce their risk. Iím sure the cost of migrating to credit cards with pin codes would be significantly less than the cost of fraudulent credit card purchases. Thus, saving credit card companies money.

Furthermore, most places in Europe do not accept our American-based credit cards. However, European-based credit cards are accepted worldwide. Therefore when Americans travel to Europe, they need to either convert their currency or use travelerís checks, since their credit cards do not work in Europe. In my opinion, it is inexcusable for credit card companies to give some clients restricted credit cards while giving other clients unrestricted credit cards.

So, this leaves the question if debit cards in the United States are able to use pin codes for added security, then why canít credit cards too?

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/12/2008

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