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How to Overcome Writer's Block with Greeting Cards

I often have difficulty deciding what to write on greeting cards. I imagine that most people also have the same writer's block problem when signing greeting cards. Luckily, I discovered a simple solution to this problem.

I simply read more greeting cards until I find something that I think we be great for me to write on a different greeting card. Therefore, this involves finding two good greeting cards. The first greeting card would need to be pretty or nice looking. The second greeting card would express myself better than I normally world. Of course, I would only purchase the first card. And since I do not plagiarize, I use my own words to basically say the same thing that is on the second greeting card.

On many occasions, I have found that this method provides great ideas to write on greeting cards. I strongly recommend everyone try using it.

The only possible issue with this idea is that by the time I purchase a greeting card and bring it home, I have forgotten what I was suppose to write on the greeting card. To solve this second problem, I simply search the Internet for free/online greeting cards to use as inspiration.

You are welcome for this great idea.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/29/2012

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