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How to Sleep Comfortably in a Tent

Camping and trekking is a wonderful experience and a fun but the same may turn out to be hectic if you won’t get an adequate sleep. Usually, the people opt for camping to explore diverse parts of the world and come across the natural views. However, climbing up in the hills and discovering the new experiences is not that easy how it seems to be. The struggle of a person increases when he/she find it troublesome to sleep in the tent. Yes, that's true most of the people cannot sleep in the tent. There might be two reasons for it i.e., either you can't adopt to the new environment or you have sleeping issues such as insomnia. Now if you are searching out for the tips on how to sleep comfortably in a tent? Read this guide and get your answers.

How to sleep comfortably in a tent?


The essential thing to consider before setting up your tent is to clear the ground. the stones, grass, tiny bushes, sand, and other such unwanted things might be the reason for your discomfort. So the basic step to start with is to position your tent in the most appropriate place and clean the underneath area to avoid unnecessary disturbance. If you are still unable to experience an adequate sleep then follow the below-mentioned steps and observe the changes:
  • Proper bedding: According to the researchers, most of the people are unable to sleep due to their inappropriate bedding. Whether you use a mattress, airbed, or stretcher the same should be of proper length and placed correctly to enhance the comfort. If you desire to get the best bedding then what is better than buying the comfortable cots to sleep on? Besides the blankets and mattresses, another important factor is to keep the pillow under your head. Most of the time, the people having a habit of sleeping under a pillow prefers not to carry the same along with them as it adds up a weight to your bags. In such cases, a travel pillow is the best possible choice. It is not only lightweight but assures a comfy in sleep.

  • Put on earplugs and eye masks: Generally, the sounds of birds, animals, and other creatures are common in the woods. Some people often have sleeping issues because of the loud voices generated by these animals or the snoring and coughing sounds of other companions in the tent. An earplug would be the best option as the same is capable to aid you in avoiding the disturbing sounds. Likewise, an eye mask plays a vital role in helping you to avoid the unnecessary reflection of light into your eyes. You can easily avail the eye mask in any retail store or can order the same from online markets.
  • Perform physical activities in the daytime: The clinical reports suggest that more the person gets engaged in physical activities better the chances of a good sleep. This is because when our body gets physically tired, it requires sleep. Apart from it, reduce the consumption of liquid before going to bed as the intake of fluid in excess may fill up the bladder and hence, you might need to go to the toilet often.
  • Avoid stress: Usually, the people develop stress on observing that they can't have an adequate sleep at a time when their companion is enjoying a relaxing nap. Taking the stress would increase the trouble rather than sorting out your sleeping issues. The best way to avoid stress is to prefer yoga and inhale and exhale exercise before going to bed. Apart from this, one should stop thinking the consequences of what if they won't get adequate sleep as the same is the major reason for building up the stress in your mind and thus, affecting your sleep.

by Jennifer Branett
on 05/05/2018

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