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Humanity is Reactive, Not Proactive

We have all heard of the saying that a person is smart; but a group of people is not smart, and a mob is dangerously panicky and dumb. In other words, the larger the group of people, the dumber the group becomes.

This is why, in my opinion, humanity is not only stupid but also only reactive instead of proactive. Whether it is concerning climate change, environment damage, pollution, or a pandemic (such as the Corona Virus), humanity consistently chooses to do nothing until it is forced to react or take action.

It is commonly believed that stupid and even wise people learn best through the hard way, and humanity is no exception to this belief in my opinion. That is why I believe that humanity will eventually learn the hard way and will start to make the difficult choices that need to be made, but only after there are no better alternatives.

So that leads to the obvious question of when humanity will learn. And the most obvious answer is only after continuous and massive catastrophes that mankind will have no choice to realize that action is needed. Again, this proves the point that humanity is reactive instead of proactive.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/21/2020

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