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I am often called "hyper-critical" as if it is a character flaw. I wholeheartedly disagree. I think being critical of everything and everyone, including myself, is the first step to perfection. Not that I believe perfection can be attained, but rather we must strive for excellence whether it is possible or not. Furthermore, I also think that being hyper-critical is very noble, since it attempts to improve the world and people for unselfish reasons.

Then again, I actually enjoy finding faults. What's more, I like explaining problems and possibly their solutions to other people too. I realizing that most people won't change even after I logically explain issues and recommend solutions, however I think it is virtuous to try. I think this is also why there are so many self-help blogs out there. I also believe that being critical is ideal for all scientists or engineers, since it takes nothing for granted thus recommending experiments to better understand the universe.

As a result, I like being called hyper-critical. It is actually a compliment for me. I can only hope that more people will also be hyper-critical and listen to our advice.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/06/2008

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