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IT Self-Destruction by Management

Watching the tide demolish your sand castle can be entertaining at times; however when you live there, it can be quite depressing.

This is what it feels like at work right now. Watching everything that you worked so hard to setup and configure to be arbitrarily taken down and replaced by management who have no technical knowledge or practical experience in the field. Therefore, management continuously makes their decisions based on industry standards and potential cost savings.

Did they ask us, the people doing the work, if their changes will be reducing cost? No.

Did they ask us if these changes will help or hinder development? No.

Will they ever know? No.

Do they care? No.

This is a common problem with large companies in the IT field. I believe it is the direct result when MBAs (business managers) and bean counters (accountants) are managing engineers. I also believe this is a death knell for any high tech company.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/21/2010

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