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Immortality is Stagnation

Before I delve into the issues of immortality, let me first define immortality for the scope of this article. Immortality is finding a cure for aging and all diseases. Basically, immortality is not getting physically old, and people would remain young for an indeterminate amount of time. Of course people will continue to die from accidents, murders, disasters, etc.

The first problem with discovering immortality is over population. Already the planet is over populated. If people stop dying from old age and diseases, then the over population problem would become a much bigger of a problem. The obvious solution is strict population control, thus the population would become stagnate. Keep in mind that the planet currently does not have enough renewable resources for everyone alive, so a stable population would have to be smaller than it is now.

The second problem can be found with the common expression “Evolve or Die”. Basically, this saying means that you either change within a changing environment or you will become history. So, immortality would decrease the rate evolution to the point of a near stand still. This would be the equivalent of slowing down evolution, and perhaps the stagnation of mankind.

For instance, older people are more set in their ways than younger people. It is the young, who are more likely to innovate, start unique businesses, drive technology, push themselves to their limits, etc. For instance, most of the greatest minds throughout history did most of their work while in their 20s and 30s. Therefore, technologically and economically speaking, mankind could become near stagnant if immortality becomes a reality.

Of course immortality is science fiction, but it is fun to think about.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/03/2010

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