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Improving Cereal Packaging

Dear Cereal Manufacturers (yes, I am talking to you General Mills and Post),

I have a simple and practical suggestion for all of the cereal manufacturers. Please put your products in re-usable Ziploc or resealable bags.

The problem with your current packaging is that I never eat an entire box of cereal when I first open it. I have to save and carefully store what I did not eat and that is typically most of it. And since where I am from, we have a lot of ants and a humidity, so your cereal quickly goes from edible to inedible if I don't carefully reseal your bags or transfer your cereal to a resealable container. This is basically a hassle and time wasting for your customers.

If I don't take these precautions, then some of your cereal may go to waste. I may feed the birds with it, since they are not that picky with their food but I am. However, it is very wasteful. I realize that it is to your benefit if your customers have to buy more of your products because of your poor packaging, but is continuously angering your customers good in the long term?

I think I will buy some bagels tomorrow instead.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/17/2010

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