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Is Sarcasm Lying?

Is sarcasm lying? Technically yes, sarcasm is lying.

A lie is when the truth is not told. Sarcasm is the opposite of the truth for the purpose of humor, so sarcasm is lying.

However, sarcasm is an open lie. In other words, sarcasm is not meant to deceive the listener(s), so sarcasm is often considered a soft or harmless lie. However, there is no guarantee that the listener(s) of sarcasm will recognize sarcasm for what it really is or if the listener(s) would consider sarcasm as being serious. Basically, sarcasm is not being completely honest for the purpose of humor. Thus, sarcasm is lying.

While this is important to point out, it completely misses the other problem with sarcasm. Sarcasm is used as a form of dark humor. Sarcasm is a mask for hiding one's true opinions, thoughts, and/or feelings. As a result, sarcasm often brings forth negativity, pessimism, and/or uncooperativeness.

This is why my new year's resolution is to be less sarcastic.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/08/2011

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