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Issues with Modern Checkbooks

I recently opened a checking account at a local bank, and I noticed that the banks are still not properly catering to computer savvy clients who do online banking.

With my new checking account, the bank gave me a checkbook with 200 free checks. Well, I do most of my bill paying online on the bankís website. Also the bank only sends my monthly statements via email, so the account is considered an online only account. With a quick search, I found out that I wrote approximately three real physical checks last year, not including the ten or so electronic checks that I do online each month. Assuming I typically only write three checks per year which is a reasonable assumption, then my new checkbook will last me over 66 years. It is also funny that in the checkbook box, there is even an order form to purchase more checks. I am sure within 66 years either the bank will no longer exist, the account will be closed, or I will dead before I run out of checks, so I donít think the bank is going to see any new check orders from me any time soon.

Additionally, these checkbooks come with deposit tickets that are also known as deposit forms or deposit slips. I counted an estimated 40 deposit tickets with my checks. I also estimate that I use roughly ten deposit tickets per year (mostly for mail in rebates), so I have about four years worth of deposit slips before I have to start filling out their blank deposit slips. Since I think I will be having the account for more than four years, there are not enough deposit forms that come with checkbooks.

In conclusion because of online banking, checkbooks are mostly a waste of paper in modern society, yet there is still not enough deposit tickets for this online customer. I am guessing if you are reading this, then you do too.

Would it be possible for banks to print fewer checks in checkbooks and print more deposit forms to be more adaptable for this modern age? Actually, some people may not like that restriction, so maybe the banks can give us a choice between either more checks or deposit forms. Now that change to customer service would make me smile.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/09/2007

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