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It Does Not Matter

If there is one thing that I learned the hard way that I would like everyone to know is that:

It does not matter.

Whatever that is keeping you from being with your loved ones, your family, your friends, your lover, from your true passion, or just from living your life in general; it is not as important as you may think.

In our busy schedules of modern life, individual responsibilities, tasks, and accomplishments seem to have a much greater importance than they really have. For instance, some people believe that working or earning money is extremely important, however jobs and money do not make people happy or even content with their lives. Some people believe that being successful in their business, school, or work is very important, however being successful is not necessarily being happy either.

If you concentrate your life on tasks that need or should be completed, then you will have more regrets later in life. Regrets are natural in life, but having too many regrets is a sign that you missed too many opportunities to enjoy your life.

Remember, the most important things in life are the things that you love.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/20/2009

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