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Knighthood Falsehood

Originally, knights were financed by the ruling classes to fight in battles and wars. The ruling classes typically included royalty, nobility, and the religious castes. Therefore, knights were very similar to today’s hired professional mercenaries with one major difference. Knights had very high standards of conduct and morality called knighthood. On the other hand, today’s mercenaries are more likely not so honor bound.

In today’s culture, the meaning of knighthood has changed significantly. Knighthood is now a symbolic title of honor. This honor is usually given by royalty to a wide range of people for their achievements. For example, famous musicians, mountain climbers, and scientists have recently received knighthoods for their accomplishments instead of defending their country or the Crown. Interestingly, some people have been given honor of knighthood even though they are not citizens of the countries giving those knighthoods.

I support the reward and recognition of people for their great achievements; however, knighthood is not a logical means of reward and recognition. When someone accepts the title and honor of knighthood, that person is basically recognizing and validating the existence of monarchies. During this modern and enlightened period, royal families should be fading away into history books. People should no longer accept the very existence of royalty, and knighthoods should be shunned as archaic.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/06/2007

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