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Less Me, More We

I think one of the biggest problems with modern society is that people spend too much time and money on themselves and not enough on their families and communities. It seems to me that modern life is keeping people too busy to help others and the environment. Instead, modern life provides individuals with plenty of technological toys to occupy their time, and little or no time for personal growth or helping others.

I have a simple philosophy to correct this issue with modern society. I like to call this philosophy simply "Less Me, More We".

Basically, it involves having school children involved in their communities outside of their schools. Doing work for the public good, with or without pay, opens the eyes of young children that will remain open for their entire lives.

Additionally, it involves adults stepping out of their comfort zones and helping people that they see in their day to day activities. There are plenty of ways for you to help others... just use your imagination a little bit.

Finally, I think modern society spends way too much time on entertainment. Please spend a moment to calculate how many hours a week that you spend on solely entertainment, such as watching television or movies, reading a book or newspaper, and even surfing the Internet. You are not alone with a high number. It is truly amazing how much time people now spend on personal entertainment. Just by giving up one entertainment per week, such as watching a television show or surfing online, can add plenty of time to help others.

Think about it.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/18/2008

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