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Live within your Means

When I say "live within your means," I mean much more than how much you spend versus how much you earn. I also mean living within your own well being. I know that sounds confusing, but I mean to say that the psychological effects of always being in debt are bad for your health. Debt and bills put a lot of pressure on relationships, stress at work, worrying at school, anxiety at home, and even preventing getting a good nightís sleep.

Iíve seen too many people live way beyond their means. And now with the economy in the crapper, I would assume people would be more conservative with their spending. However, I still donít see any changes in peopleís spending. At least I do not see any changes with the people who still have jobs. For instance, when I went to my local shopping mall last weekend, it was packed with shoppers who were actually buying. Maybe sales are not as high as before, but the mall definitely did not look like there was a recession going on.

Therefore, I suspect that Americans are still not saving enough and paying off their debts, just like the U.S. Government. The psychological impact of personal debt may not be easily noticeable; but it is there, and it is always present.

So, here is a simple suggestion: Be financially smart to live well. Or more simply: Live within your means.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/31/2010

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