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Made in China

Made in China. Sold everywhere. In today's world through globalization, China has rapidly become an economic superpower at the expense of all the other industrialized countries, especially the United States of America and Europe. This has given the communist regime of China a huge leverage against the free world.

Each time someone purchases a product that is made in China, those profits go to greedy large corporations who literally pay Chinese workers insufficiently to get out of poverty and help finance the Chinese communist party. However, China is refusing to import a large amount of goods produced in other countries. This is hardly fair trade. The United States of America has even stopped trading with communist Cuba in an attempt to influence changes there. Why not China too? Because businesses are profiting and governments are not considering the long term implications of an economically strong China.

The new world order is no longer consisting of aggressive countries invading other countries, but rather just flooding countries with cheaper goods produced with even cheaper labor than anywhere else in the world at the expense your own people. This has and continue to improve the quality of life for the Chinese population, yet at the same time suppressing their political freedoms. As a result, this will keep the Chinese population under control and economically conquer every other foreign country in the world.

What do you think the communist regime of China is going to do with all their money that they are earning? The Chinese government is going to leverage their new economic strength to politically and militarily bully whatever they want throughout the world, just as they are in Nepal. Who is going to be next? Who is going to stop them? Currently, the Chinese government wants China to have a first world infrastructure, which is a noble goal, but what about wanting to annex the nation of Taiwan back into the Chinese fold through force? What about the lack of human rights throughout China?

How can we continue to allow the communist country of China to have so much power over the rest of the world? We need to send a strong signal to our governments to stop allowing trade with communist government. The long term ramifications are too great to ignore. Our businesses need to stop sending jobs and factories to China even at the cost of short term profits. Eventually, these businesses will be replaced by Chinese corporations and cease to exist. We need to stop buying products made in China for the sake of our countries and our children.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/05/2006

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