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Magic Leapís Killer App

Recently, Magic Leap has received a lot of negative press concerning that their product does not have a killer app. I disagree. Their augment reality glasses have a killer app that Magic Leap does not even realize.

What is the biggest problem with smart phones? The screens are too small, thus people are always upgrading to a newer phone with a larger screen. And what is the biggest problem with computer monitors? The monitors are too small; as a result, people either buy a second monitor or their next monitor is bigger than their previous monitor. Finally, what is the biggest problem with televisions? Again, they are always too small, therefore people continuously big a larger television.

What augmented reality and virtual reality glasses have is the opportunity too never be too small, by allowing the screen size to be as large as each personís peripheral vision allows or as large as a person wants their screen to be.

In my opinion, it is not that Magic Leapís products are augmented reality or have new slick applications that other products cannot have. Instead, Magic Leapís killer app is their hardwareís ability to obsolete all screens, monitors, and televisions with a product that literally cannot have a larger field of vision. Perhaps in the near future, better resolutions and quality for augmented and virtual reality products will be the deciding factor. But for now, the biggest possible screen is what most people want, even if they do not realize it.

Furthermore, in my opinion, Magic Leap needs to implement a web browser that users can control the visual size of without any limitations, especially when watching videos on Netflix and YouTube.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/13/2018

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