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Managing is Common Sense

Someone recently told me that managing is mostly common sense.

While I agree with this idea in general, it leads me to a few very startling conclusions.

In the information technology (IT) field, entry level jobs are technical. As an engineer’s career grows, they become much more technical along with a higher job title, more responsibilities, and hopefully higher pay. Eventually, some of these engineers are promoted to management, and this management job is very non-technical. As mentioned before, these management jobs are more common sense by mostly organizing and sorting incoming tasks by priority and by engineers.

The interesting and startling fact is that most mangers did not go into the IT field to do management work. These managers were never properly trained and maybe not even interested in doing management work. In addition, engineers have a tendency to more anti-social. While this trait may be very good for an engineer, it can be very bad for a manager with people reporting to them. As a result, engineers turned managers have a tendency to be bad managers.

I think that people who originally wanted to become engineers really need reconsider if they want to be in management. The only advantage of being a manager over an engineer is the higher salary. The disadvantage is that managers will lose their technical edge and less employable in the future. Now if only management salaries were more equal to engineer salaries, I am sure we’d have a lot more good engineers doing good engineering work instead of bad managing.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/18/2010

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