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The Pros and Cons of Legalized Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana (also known as cannabis, weed, pot, and several other names) is a highly debated topic. Therefore, I would like to list all the reasons for and against marijuana.

Reasons For Legalizing Marijuana
  1. Reduced Nausea and Vomiting: Marijuana has several compounds capable of reducing nausea and vomiting for a variety of ailments. Some marijuana users believe marijuana does this better than any other known medicines. However, it is medically proven that each person reacts slightly different to each medicine and also marijuana, so there is not best option for everyone.
  2. Stimulates Hunger: Marijuana has been proven to stimulate hunger in people who lose their appetites, such as AIDS and cancer patients. Obviously, marijuana should not be used by overweight people to stimulate their hunger. Unfortunately, other medications to stimulate hunger do not consistently work well.
  3. Decreases Eye Pressure: Marijuana is believed (not scientifically proven) to decrease eye pressure for treating several diseases, including glaucoma. Since marijuana is currently illegal in the United States, it has been difficult for doctors and scientists to prove or disprove this belief. However, glaucoma patients, who used marijuana, believe in marijuana's benefits.
  4. Pain Reliever: Marijuana is a general pain reliever, however there are a plethora of other pain relievers available.
  5. Depression and Stress: Marijuana is believed to fight depression and stress, however this us a highly contested belief.
  6. Harmful: Marijuana is believed to be as harmful as alcohol and tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, etc.), therefore it should not receive special attention or restrictions.
  7. Limits Personal Freedom: People should be free to do whatever they want to their own bodies, as long as it does not impact the freedom of others, and that including consuming alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other drugs.
  8. Cost: If marijuana were to become legal, the cost would significantly drop. Drug dealers and terrorists would lose a major source of income.
  9. Crime: Furthermore, if marijuana were to become legal, crime rates would also significantly drop.
  10. Taxes: Legalized marijuana could be taxed, thus producing more income to the government at a time when the government needs more money.
  11. Quality: The government could also regulate the quality of marijuana, like they do for tobacco, alcohol, water, and food.
  12. Other Uses: Marijuana could be used to make better and cheaper paper, clothes, and even rope.

Reasons Against Legalizing Marijuana
  1. Addiction: Marijuana is an addictive drug. Therefore, marijuana should be either illegal or regulated like prescription medications. Keep in mind that alcohol and tobacco are also addictive, yet they do not have these restrictions.
  2. Gateway Drug: Marijuana is typically considered a soft drug that is a gateway to harder, stronger, and more dangerous drugs. There is little to no evidence to prove this theory.
  3. Mental Instability: There is some evidence that marijuana may cause depression, schizophrenia, and/or depersonalization disorders. It is obvious that more research is necessary to prove or disprove these theories.
  4. Lung Damage: As with everything burning that is inhaled, smoking marijuana causes lung damage, just like smoking tobacco or cigarettes. Maybe tobacco should be treated the same as marijuana.
  5. Cancer Causing: Several cancer causing compounds have been found in marijuana, just like tobacco. Again, maybe tobacco should be treated the same as marijuana.
  6. Brian Alteration: Marijuana interferes with the ability to make long term memories and can disrupt thinking and learning, thus causes poor judgment.
  7. Accidents: Just like alcohol and tobacco, marijuana use has been associated with an increase in accidents, especially car accidents.
While there are many good reasons to legalize and not legalize marijuana, it is up to each and every person to decide their opinion on the topic. I hope this article helped you decide for yourself.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/01/2012

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