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Medical Alerts from BlueTooth Earpieces

With all these BlueTooth earpiece devices, I was wondering if these devices could also be used for monitoring the health of the wearer.

The ear is the perfect location for collecting biometrics, such as body temperature, heart rate, and sweating/dehydration. So, why not include sensors to BlueTooth earpieces to monitor these biometrics?

These devices could detect when someone, who is wearing one of these enhanced BlueTooth earpieces, is in medical distress. And since these BlueTooth earpieces are usually synchronized to cellphones, these devices could also call for medical assistance, such as a family member, friend, or even call for an ambulance. These devices could even provide medical information to doctors and paramedics before they arrive to the patient. Or maybe these devices could just ring an alarm, instead of a phone call.

To reduce the number of false medical alerts, these devices should also be able to determine when they are no longer attached to a person. And before these devices make a phone call asking for assistance, maybe they should give off an alarm, so the wearer can deactivate the devices before the medical alert is escalated by calling other people.

While I do not know if these technologies are compatible, I believe they could be easily integrated into a single device.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/12/2011

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