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Flaw Found with Microsoft's Spider Solitaire

Take a look at the picture below. Notice anything wrong with it?

Picture of Microsoft's Spider Solitaire

Scroll down if you give up...

It is impossible to deal the last row of cards! And if I try to deal a row of cards, I get this error message:

Picture of Microsoft's Spider Solitaire

Since I cannot undo any cards back on the table and I have less than 10 cards face up on the table (including no hidden faced down under any face up cards), how am I suppose to continue playing this game of Microsoft’s Spider Solitaire?

Some people have told me that this is a feature of the game and that I lost. But how can I have lost when I played so well up to this point? I think this is a mistake with the game's design or requirements.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/16/2007

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