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In my opinion, the biggest problems with large beds, king and queen sized, is that they are almost never comfortable for two people. People are different, and they prefer different types of mattresses. Some people prefer a soft bed, some people prefer a hard bed, some people prefer a reclining bed, some people prefer pillow-top bed, some people prefer a waterbed, and finally some people prefer an air mattress.

My simple solution for this problem is for mattress manufacturers to make and sell two mini-mattresses that can be connected, such as with Velcro or zipper. These mattresses would have to be half the size of queen or king mattresses. Each couple could select any two types of mattresses that they prefer and easily connect them at their home. When one person wants to change their mattress, the other person does not need to throw away their mini-mattress that they still find comfortable. The couple just has to buy and replace a single mini-mattress and connect it to the mini-mattress that they chose to continue using.

Furthermore, since these mini-mattresses are half the size of a regular mattress, they are also half the weight. Thus, they are easier to move around and transport. Ever try flipping a king sized mattress before? Well, it is not easy by yourself.

I think this solution would be incredibly easy for manufacturers to do and would greatly increase customer satisfaction.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/17/2010

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