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Morality versus Forgiveness

There is an old joke that goes something like this:

A catholic person does not pray to God asking for a bicycle.
A catholic person steals a bicycle and then prays to God asking for forgiveness.

While this may be a joke, it does show a major flaw with Catholicism, or for that matter, most religions.

Basically, asking for forgiveness for immorality is in itself another immoral act. This is because any person who asks God for forgiveness knows that their original act was immoral before they did the act. Thus, knowing that they will be absolved later for the immoral act is morally cheating.

A truly moral person would not plan to ask for forgiveness. And a truly moral person would most likely not ask for forgiveness at all; but instead, they would punish themselves by feeling regret and sadness over their immoral acts. Furthermore, a truly moral person would not intentionally do any immoral acts despite the possibility of being forgiven.

Therefore, morality does not need or ask for forgiveness from God. Additionally, it is morally wrong to ask for forgiveness from God.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/30/2010

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