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Mosquito in the House

If you have ever had a mosquito in the house, then you know the dread that a single little mosquito can bring. Since mosquitos can live up to two weeks, they can bring weeks of insufferable itching and sometimes even serious diseases.

Unfortunately for most people, manually catching or swatting a mosquito can be very difficult, and few people have a bug zapper to kill indoor pests. And getting the mosquito out of your house, without letting in more mosquitoes, can be nearly impossible.

So, Iíve devised a solution to help relieve the problem of being trapped in a house with a mosquito.

First, gather everyone in the house into a single room. Pick a spare room that can be closed, that is not used that often, such as a play room or den. In this room, open the door and turn on the lights.

Next, close all exterior doors and windows in the house, even if they are screened.

Then turn off all the other lights in house and close the drapes, curtains, and blinds on all the windows to make all the rooms as dark as possible, except for the room where everyone else is in. Since mosquitos are mostly inactive in the dark, they will tend to move towards well lighted rooms, if they have access.

After a few moments, close all of the doors, including closet doors, of every room in the house. The last door closed should be the room where everyone is in.

Next, turn off the light in this single room, wait a moment for the mosquito to settle somewhere, then everyone should quickly leave the room, and quickly close the door behind them.

Finally, everyone should use the least amount of lights as possible and keep as many doors closed for as long as possible, thus hopefully trapping the mosquito in a different room than where the people are or where people spend most of their time in, such as bedrooms.

With a bit of luck and after a few days, the mosquito should starve to death or die from old age without stinging anyone more.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/06/2015

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