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Most Juices are Apple Juice

Have you noticed that the primary ingredient in most juices is apple juice? Even if the juice is advertise as grape juice or fruit punch or berry juice or watermelon juice, the main ingredient is almost always apple juice. In my opinion, if something is called grape juice, then itsí largest ingredient should be grapes. If it is called prune juice, then itsí primary ingredient should be prunes.

I think this is because of these three reasons. First, apple juice typically does not a have a strong flavor when mixed with other fruit juices, therefore manufacturers can add apple juice as a filler with very few people noticing. Second, manufacturers can still advertise their juice as being made of 100% juice without having to use non-juice items, such as high fructose corn syrup. Finally, I believe apple juice is the cheapest type of juice. Just go to any grocery store and compare the prices between apple juice and any other type of 100% juice drink.

As a result, I think having apple juice as a primary ingredient for a drink that is not sold as apple juice is deceptive advertisement. Furthermore, I think these juice manufacturers should be exposed for their trickery.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/04/2008

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