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Motivation for College

I know quite of few people who went to college just to earn a degree. They never were particularly good students, because they either were not very interested in higher education or should not have been in college in the first place. Each and every semester, they barely got passing grades or got good grades for the sake of good grades only. It appears to me that they were in college to avoid the real world for a few years.

As a result, these people finished college with either a useless degree or a degree in something that they were not passionate about.

For those people with useless degrees, why did they even bother going to college? They could have gotten the same crummy job that they have now without a college diploma. Surely, their post graduation jobs are not worth their college loans. These people should not have gone to college at all.

As for those people not passionate about their major, why did they even bother? Everyday, I see people who never had a true interest in their majors hating their jobs. They were always like that. These people are wasting their lives by torturing themselves in doing something that they do not like.

However, I have a few suggestions for both of these types of people.

First, if you are not passionately sure what your college major should be, then wait a year or so before going to school. Get a minimum wage job for that year and learn to appreciate what a career is, a good salary, and think about what truly motivates you.

Second, do not get a useless degree. Before selecting a major, investigate the starting salaries for those professions. Let salary be a significant motivation factor, and not just personal interest. Your future career has to be both interesting and financially rewarding. Read this article about Selecting a College Major for more information.

Third, if you don't think you have the intelligence, work ethic, or ambition for college, then try starting a business. No matter how small the business, just try to start a business. You will find that you are much more motivated working for yourself than working for someone else. It is the same philosophy as buying a house is much better than renting. Working for yourself is much more rewarding and should pay more too.

That's enough ranting for now. So go out there and get motivated!

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/11/2007

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