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Neutralizing Radioactive Waste

Previously, I wrote about how mankind must properly dispose of radioactive waste, but what if radioactive nuclear by-products could be completely neutralized instead of just buried?

I have been thinking of two very far out ideas of neutralizing radioactive waste that may not be feasible today, but hopefully one day could be a reality.

My first idea is why not neutralize radioactive materials with antimatter? Scientists have already proven that antimatter exists, and scientists know how to make antimatter. Additionally, the neutralization of antimatter and matter produces more energy that is even pollution free too. Unfortunately, the cost of creating antimatter is much too high for this idea to be a feasible solution today. At last estimates, facilities that cost billions of dollars are only able to make a few grams of antimatter a year. So, if someone can discover how to make antimatter more affordable or find a natural source of antimatter, then the world’s problem with radioactive waste would disappear.

My second idea is to use the Special Theory of Relativity. Albert Einstein discovered that if something could travel at extremely faster speeds compared to the Earth, such as the speed of light, then that something would age at a slower rate than Earth’s normal rate. Since this is exactly the opposite of what we would like to do (we don’t want to decrease the decay rate of radioactive waste so that it would last longer), my idea is to do the exact opposite. If we could somehow significantly slow down the speed of radioactive waste in comparison to Earth’s normal speed, then radioactive matter would decay at a much faster rate compared to Earth's normal rate of time. My idea is relatively simple, yet very hard to implement. Currently, there is no way to slow down the speed of an object or to counteract Earth’s movements precisely, so that the change in the rate of time could be used to humanity’s advantage.

In conclusion, both of these hypothetical methods of disposing of radioactive waste (or even regular waste) are currently not practical or feasible; but hopefully one day, someone could figure out how.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/09/2007

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