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No Fear

It surprises me that people openly display "No Fear" on their clothing and cars.

In my opinion, having no fear does not mean being courageous. For instance, I do not fear my coffee mug. Does this mean that I am brave with regard to my coffee mug? I think not.

I believe that courage is action that requires overcoming fear, pain, and/or grief.

So what does "No Fear" really mean? Fear is a natural emotion that alerts people that something could be dangerous, threatening, and/or could cause pain (either physical discomfort and/or mental anguish). Thus literally having no fear concerning everything could be considered a psychological deficiency or mental disorder. As a result, I do not think "No Fear" should be considered literal.

In my opinion, I think people display "No Fear" as means to aspire themselves and other people to overcome their fears. While I agree with this aspiration, I think it could be bit more clearer, such as "Face Your Fears".

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/16/2012

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