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No One has the Right to Pollute 2

Think about this idea for a moment.

No one has the right to pollute.

This means that no person, no organization, and no company has the right to pollute anywhere with anything.

In theory, any free society should define any act to be legal unless that act is explicitly declared harmful to society and thus documented as illegal. However even in free societies, rights (such as the freedom of speech, the right to vote, and the right to bear arms) are also explicitly defined and documented.

There are laws that limit what, how much, and where any person or company can pollute, however these laws are not holistic. I do not believe these laws could ever possibly be truly comprehensive.

So what about the right to pollute? Should laws be created for all types of pollution? If so, what is defined as pollution? Who decides what is and is not pollution (i.e. scientists, lawyers, judges, or juries)? Do you think these laws are even possible to be defined?

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/02/2012

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