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Offensive Topics

There are four topics that should be generally avoided, because they have a much higher risk of offending.

The first of these four topics is religion. Historically, religion has been the cause of literally countless arguments, conflicts, and wars. As long as there is more than one religion, there will be religious disagreement. This is because there is no middle ground between two different religious beliefs, and it is impossible to change a religious belief through discussion or reasoning. Therefore, it is considered social impolite to discuss religious beliefs and opinions with people who may have different religious beliefs and opinions.

The next offensive topic is politics. As the joke goes, everyone has an opinion and butt-hole, but no one wants to hear them. Just like religion, almost every single person has a different political opinion. So almost any discussion about politics quickly becomes heated and personal. It is best to avoid talking about politics unless you like debating.

The next offensive topic is sex. Again, sex is another taboo topic for many people, so it is best to remain silent on the topic or risk offending and/or embarrassing others.

Finally, language is the final offensive topic. Language includes dark humor, sarcasm, toilet humor, vulgar words, picking on, and a plethora of other word plays. Basically, good taste is very subjective, so it is best to assume that some people are prudish and can be easily offended by even humor.

While it may be true that these topics have a higher likelihood of offending people than other topics, is it really important to not offend people? Let's face reality, people are different; and therefore, people unintentionally and easily offend other people. It may not seem wise to always shy away from adversity even for the sake of not wanting to offend anyone; because without adversity and challenges, there is no change and no growth.

My final words is that being offended is a fact of life, however being offended should be quickly forgiven.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/16/2011

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