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Online Checkbook Ledgers

Do you still balance your checkbook via a paper ledger?

If you are like most people that want a balanced checkbook, then you have to use a paper checkbook ledger. This is because online banks, as far as I've discovered, keep electronic ledgers for all electronic checks and transactions, however they only record paper checks after they have been deposited.

In other words, all the online banks that I've found do not allow their customers to manually register paper checks as they are written before the paper checks are deposited onto their online checkbook ledger. Therefore, if you write paper checks, you must use a duplicate paper ledger to balance your checkbook.

In my opinion, this would only be a minor enhancement to their existing online checkbook ledger software. So, I am asking you to please ask for this enhancement from your banks. Maybe with enough requests, they will upgrade their software to completely support their customers, and save their customers the time of maintaining a duplicate paper checkbook ledger.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/03/2011

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