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Online Weekly Ads are Annoying and Too Small

Have you ever noticed that the weekly advertisements in the Sunday newspaper are also online? Well, if you are a technology geek like I am, then you probably have these links bookmarked also. If you are not familiar with them, then please take a moment to look at the weekly Sunday ads of the stores that I periodically scan. These advertisements are great in print. However online, these ads have two major flaws.
  1. Best Buy
  2. Circuit City
  3. CompUSA
  4. Office Depot
  5. OfficeMax

First, each page is way too small. The large text is difficult or impossible to read, even with the zoom feature. The small text is completely incomprehensible. I even have problems finding items that I am seriously looking to purchase. For example, about a month ago I needed to buy a hard drive. The pictures were so small that I had to zoom in on each item that could be a hard drive. I was never able to figure out all the specifications of the products that I was interested in until I went to two stores. It was a very unpleasant shopping experience. Next time, I am much more inclined to purchase from an online only store who does not have this problem.

The second flaw is that each store has about 20 to 50 pages of ads. Clicking next, and next, and next is very tedious, annoying, and slow even at six megabits per second. The quick "click flip" and "view icons of each page" features are even more useless, since they show each page so small that only large pictures of sixty inch televisions are recognizable. These broadband (high speed Internet) features may look cool with all their special features, but they do not help their customers to find anything.

A simple and effect solution is give customers a real broadband option. Specifically on a single web page, put all the advertisements' pages in full screen or large resolution, so users only need to scroll down to view each page.

I am certain that the current method of advertising is losing business. I know it is definitely affecting my shopping needs. I only look at these ads for items that I need but not for browsing. I guarantee that the first store to implement these changes will see a spike in their sales, at least until all the other stores do the same.

If the stores want to draw more customers into their stores, then they need to stop annoying their customers online. Give customers an easy and fast method to look at the weekly sales.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/18/2006

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