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Perforce Branch Specs

Perforce Branch Specs are files that explain the relationship between directories of two branches. To display a branch spec, use this command:

p4 branch -o branch_spec_name

If you want to edit a branch spec, re-direct the output from the command above to a file, then edit the file accordingly, and then reset the branch spec using this command:

p4 branch -i < branch_spec_file

The format between directories of two branches (e.g. from the "main" Branch to the "project" branch) is as follows:

//depot/main/... //depot/project/...

You can even specify sub-directories, if you do not want entire branches linked. This is usefully if branches are sub-directories in a branch.

Finally, each branch should have two branch specs. The first branch spec should be from branch "A" to branch "B", and the second branch spec should be from branch "B" to branch "A". This way integrations between both branches can work both ways.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/20/2011

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