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Perforce Changes

Have you ever forgotten what CL number that your Perforce workspace is synced to?

If so, to determine what CL number that a file or directory was synced to in your workspace, you can run this command:

p4 changes -m 1 filename#have


p4 changes -m 1 directory\...#have

Here is an example and output of this command on the current directory:

$ p4 changes -m 1 .\...#have
Change 1234567 on 2011/07/15 by phil@phils_workspace 'Test comment'

Alternatively, if you want to see all the CLs in the history of a file or directory, you can run this command.

p4 changes [filename | directory\...]

Use the "-m #" argument to limit how many CLs to display. In this case, display the last 50 CLs:

p4 changes -m 50 [filename | directory\...]

NOTE: These commands list from the newest changes to the oldest CL.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/18/2011

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